RAMIRO OOD performs its activities in strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - (EC) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data to ensure the confidentiality and lawful processing of their customers' personal data.

Subject to applicable laws and clauses of these Terms and Conditions, RAMIRO OOD may use the personal data of the Customer solely for lawful purposes. You can find detailed information about the purposes of the processing and the rights of the data subjects on this website or the address of the company's registered office.

RAMIRO OOD has the right to use the information for offering of goods and / or services to the the customer, for promotions, sending of advertising messages or emails, congratulations, inquiries, for statistical and any other legitimate purposes, for which the Customer's explicit consent has been obtained in accordance with Regulation (EC) 2016/679.

Тhe Customer has the opportunity to agree to receive personalized promotions and up-to-date offers at his email address that he entered upon his registration. In the Customer does not want to receive advertising, he / she may opt out of his / her subscription through a dedicated built-in subscription link contained in each advertising message or email.

RAMIRO OOD guarantees to its Users / clients the confidentiality of the information and personal data provided. The latter will not be used, disclosed or brought to the attention of third parties outside the cases and under the terms and conditions set forth in these General Terms and Conditions, the Personal Data Processing Information and the Consent provided by the Customer. RAMIRO OOD protects the user / customer's personal data, which are known to him during a purchase order or request.

The MERCHANT is not responsible for damages caused to the software, hardware or telecommunication equipment or for loss of data resulting from materials or resources searched, loaded or used in any way through the services provided. The advices or assistance given by the specialists and employees of RAMIRO OOD regarding the using of the services by the users, does not give rise to any liability or obligations for RAMIRO OOD.

RAMIRO OOD has the right to collect and use information relating to its Users / clients only in accordance with the applicable law.

RAMIRO OOD is not liable for non-fulfillment of its obligations under this contract about the occurence of circumstances that RAMIRO OOD has not foreseen and was not obliged to foresee - including accidents, problems in the global Internet network and in the provision of services outside the control of RAMIRO OOD.

RAMIRO OOD has the right to install cookies on the user’s computers, subject to the explicit consent that the Customer provides on the initial visit to the RAMIRO's website using the "I agree" button. Cookies are text files that are stored on the user's hard disk and allow the user to recover information identifying and allowing tracking of the user's actions, the websites he visits, the hyperlinks he uses, uses and records others. At any time, the user has the right to withdraw his / her consent to install cookies / cookies.

Disclosure of information

RAMIRO OOD undertakes not to disclose any personal data about the Client to third parties - government authorities, companies, individual persons, etc., except in the following cases:

• has received the express written consent of the Client;

• the information is required by government authorities or officials who, under current law, are authorized to request and collect such information;

• RAMIRO OOD is obliged to provide the information under the law.